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aprender inglés en málaga aprender alemán en málaga con Futura Idiomas

Test De Nivel De Inglés

aprender ingles malaga

Pruebe su Inglés con nuestro test online rápido y gratuito.

Si desea que el resultado refleje su nivel de Inglés, no utilice un diccionario u otra ayuda. El primer intento se evaluará!

Le recomendaremos cual es el mejor curso para usted.

Tenga en cuenta: El resultado del test y los niveles son aproximados y no pueden utilizarse como prueba de una cualificación lingüística formal.


  • Good Morning, my name Joanna,
    I am your English teacher.  
  • What’s job? She's a doctor.
  • How old are you?  
  • Where is Anna from?  
  • Have you got a computer?  
  • Do you live in Malaga?  
  • Is that book? Yes, it’s mine!
  • What do you like in your free time?
  • My friend Luisa and I in Malaga two days ago.
  • How do you get to work?  
  • Yesterday we the beach.
  • What colour your hair?
  • Next month I start a new job.
  • My father lives in a big house the sea.
  • Can you ?
  • I to have a coffee and some toast please.
  • He smokes more than ten cigarettes .
  • to Luisa yesterday?
  • Charles: Did you like that film?
    Sandra:Yes, it was . I loved it!
  • How long have you English?
  • you ever visited New York?
  • I can’t stand in hot weather.
  • Can I your dictionary?
  • I’m really tired,
    can we stop working and have a .
  • He started a new job, it’s much better
    because he more money.
  • If I I would buy a big house and go on holiday.
  • In my house I usually all the housework.
    I make the beds and do all the cooking.
  • Thank you so much,
    that is the nicest present I received!
  • The Ritz is a very expensive hotel.
    Yes, my hotel is much .
  • Too salt is not good for you.
  • If I had more time I to the cinema more often.
  • I always take an umbrella with me it rains.
  • I have lived in my house all my life,
    ever I was a child.
  • I’m very busy today – I’m in a bit of a .
  • I promise you next year.
  • I am so busy !
    I get time to exercise these days.
  • she was half an hour late for the meeting
    she did not apologize.
  • You open the door before the train gets to the station.
    It’s very dangerous.
  • When I was a child I used to
    football every Saturday.
  • I wish they wouldn’t so much time
    with so many unnecessary meetings.
  • England is very different from my country.
    I new customs every day!
  • Remember the door
    when you leave the house.
  • Your English will improve
    if you speak it in class.
  • You broke the window purpose, didn’t you?
  • Lucy and Jo were at the coffee shop together,
    they were deep conversation when I walked in.
  • The thief suddenly realised
    that he the police.
  • I planned to go for a walk this afternoon
    but the rain put me .
  • I’m not sure car that is.
  • I didn’t learn much Spanish I was in Argentina.
  • That was the first time I’d gone skiing
    so I didn’t think I’d take .
  • She refused to go with him,
    by him so many times before.
  • she likes coffee, she prefers tea.
  • Despite on time, Joe wasn’t late for work.
  • We look forward you next week.
  • He gets annoyed when people don’t do
    he tells them to do.
  • He gave his watch and his wallet to me
    while he went for a swim in the lake.
  • After a long day at work, I in a long bath.
  • The piano is again, it sounds terrible.
  • If you don’t do any exercise
    you the risk of getting ill.
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  • Apellido:
  • Email:
  • Teléfono:
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  • Por favor, asegúrese de que el Email o Teléfono están escritos correctamente. De lo contrario no podremos comunicarle el resultado de su prueba.


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