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Intensive Spanish Course
for Seniors

20 lessons per week
Spanish classes in groups

Spanish Courses Malaga

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Spanish courseIntensive Spanish Course for Seniors

Beginners to Advanced can book this Spanish course throughout the year.

At least four people with the same language level are required to perform the course.

If we have a smaller number of students, it is possible to participate at the Intensive Spanish Course.

Four lessons, group classes from Monday to Friday from 09:30 am.

For modifications, please contact us. We will definitely try to respond to your needs.

In the hometown of Picasso, Malaga, the Spanish course offers the opportunity to discover Spanish art and culture firsthand. And not only that, spend your free afternoons on the beach, swimming, sunbathing and good food.

Visit the museums "Museo Picasso" and "Museo Carmen Thyssen Málaga". You can take a tour of the city and enjoy the beautiful and interesting sights of Malaga.

All this with the advantage that everything is very close together, mainly pedestrian areas and a convenient access.

There are on offer day trips to the nearby cities of Seville, Granada and Cordoba. These trips and most of the events must be booked and paid for at the school.

Prices only for language course without activities

1 Week  173 €
2 Weeks  293 €
3 Weeks  413 €
4 Weeks  518 €
5 Weeks  623 €
6 Weeks  728 €
7 Weeks  833 €
8 Weeks  938 €
9 Weeks  1.043 €
10 Weeks  1.148 €
11 Weeks  1.253 €
12 Weeks  1.358 €
extra week 105 €

+ 20 €
for didactic material
(every 4 weeks)

Spanish school in Malaga Learn Spanish in Malaga Spanish courses Malaga

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